ReSharper plugin template with tests

Prerequisites: VS2017 and ReSharper 2018.1.0

When I started to work on a compiled ReSharper extension aka plugin, I quickly realized how hard it is to set up an initial infrastructure. Reasons:

  1. Official DevGuide is great, but it is often a step behind.
  2. Existing plugins on GitHub contain too much stuff in them, and it is hard to extract relevant pieces, especially when you are new to it.
  3. Lack of my own experience in building NuGet packages.

I would like to share an absolutely minimal ReSharper plugin template with tests. I created it using dotnet new template engine. Template source code is here.

This post does not pretend to be an ultimate guide. On the contrary, it contains 20% of the knowledge you need to get started, and the remained 80% are links to useful information.

When the plugin is installed into a Visual Studio, it checks if a class name contains ‘Foo’ and displays a warning:

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